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WHAT ARE YOUR STORE HOURS? Crescent Moon Herbals is no longer a "walk-in" herbal and gift shop.
We offer online shopping only.  I was honored to be a "brick and mortar" shop for many years until such time as
the herbal preparations became my primary focus.  I am truly blessed to have met so many wonderful people
during my time as a "brick and mortar" shopkeeper but now  I am allowed to spread my wings and service people
throughout the United States.  It is a very fulfilling service for me at this time. I thank you all for the opportunity to
serve you and your herbal needs.

HERBAL ADVICE AND CONSULTATIONS:  This website is set up for "web sales only".  Questions relating to the
products are welcomed, however, personal and/or private advice or consultations are no longer provided.  It is not
that I don't want to converse with you, as I have met so many wonderful people throughout the world, but the legal
establishment's rules and restrictions are quite clear that I cannot do so. The information provided on my site offers a
basic compilation of historical and modern herbal remedy suggestions. Many scientific studies are available
online supporting herbal and holistic preparations. My descriptions for my  products provide basic information
and are listed for educational purposes only. Information provided has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug
Administration and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  
Please note:  My primary
focus is to provide
high-quality herbal products at affordable prices for you. It is suggested you contact your local
health care practitioner, private physician or even a good herbal or medical book if you have any questions
regarding your health care and herbal needs.

HOW ARE THE EXTRACTS MADE? Our proprietary herbal extracts are prepared on-site for 8 to 12+  weeks in the
time-honored way. All herbs are ethically gathered at peak potency. Extracts are crafted using 80-100% pure grain (corn)
alcohol (80 proof is 40% ABV, alcohol by volume), unless otherwise specified. For customers who prefer not to ingest
alcohol, simply drop the extract into a small amount of boiling hot water, tea or coffee and stir. The alcohol preservative
will near completely evaporate within about a minute. The amount of alcohol in the average dose of tincture is equal to
the amount of alcohol in a ripe banana.

ARE YOUR HERBS ORGANIC? All herbs are ethically gathered at peak potency. Any herbs that are purchased by
CMH are done so from highly reputable herbal businesses or harvesters. Many are wild-crafted locally with care.
Herbs are 100% pure, free of pesticides and herbicides, and are not fumigated or irradiated. No sewage sludge is
contained in the mushrooms during their growing process. The herbs used are non-GMO. Not all herbs are available
in the United States and, therefore, must be obtained from overseas. In these cases, all herbs are purchased from
highly reputable companies that test their products to ensure potency, quality and safety; that there are no chemicals,
pesticides or heavy metals; microbiological tests are performed on every batch of finished product that comes from
the Orient, followed by a third party lab testing to ensure that the herbs meet all quality and safety standards in both
their country and the United States. To ensure potency and freshness, all products are hand-crafted, on-site and in
limited quantities.  

ARE YOUR EXTRACTS AND GLYCERITES GLUTEN-FREE? Yes, they are considered gluten-free via distillation.

DO YOU CARRY ALCOHOL-FREE? Crescent Moon Herbals offers 100%  pure Kosher certified, food grade
vegetable glycerin in this product line. Non-alcohol based herbal extracts are called "glycerites". Glycerites
make for a sweet, product that can be easily administered to children, animals and those with alcohol sensitivities.  
Refrigerate after opening and glycerites will last up to 3 years. Glycerites may contain a trace amount of alcohol
from initial stages of processing but are considered virtually alcohol-free.  Glycerin is made from either soy or

HOW ARE  YOUR EXTRACT RATIOS PREPARED? The ratio of herb to grain alcohol (or glycerite) is as follows:           
Dried Leaf and Flower ratios are 1:1; Dried Root, Bark and Resin ratios are 1:2. No heat is used in the process, thus
capturing the optimum potency of the product. It is said that herbal extracts are more easily absorbed into the system
than tablets or capsules. Extracts made from dried material require less material to solvent.

WHAT IS A SINGLE HERB TINCTURE? Single HerbTinctures/Extracts are made from a single herb or root.

WHAT IS A COMPOUND TINCTURE? Compound Tinctures/Extracts are made from a combination of herbs
and/or roots for a specific purpose or ailment.

MUSHROOM TINCTURE QUESTIONS? Mushroom extracts are made with a 'DOUBLE EXTRACTION' process.  
To ensure the values of the mushrooms are completely utilized, we do a spring water extraction and an extraction
using grain alcohol.  

WHAT ARE GLYCERITES? Glycerites by CMH are made from 100% pure, Kosher certified, food grade
vegetable glycerin and pure Maine spring water. Glycerites may contain a trace amount of alcohol from
initial stages of processing but are considered virtually alcohol-free. My method of utilizing a minute fraction of
alcohol for the first stage of the tincturing process helps extract the components of the plant material in order to
have a more potent glycerite extract. Upon completion, alcohol is extracted leaving you a stronger glycerite.
Glycerites may be refrigerated.

HOW LONG DO THE TINCTURES/GLYCERITES LAST? Alcohol-based tinctures last virtually a lifetime if protected
from heat and light, typically 7 to 10 years by common storage results. Glycerites will last up to 3 years and must be
refrigerated after opening. All bottles sold by Crescent Moon Herbals are amber in color to protect the product.

WHAT IS SHAMBALLA? All products are infused with Shamballa Healing Energy. Shamballa Multi-Dimensional          
Healing is an extension of Reiki and is used for hands-on and long-distance healing.

WHAT IS THE SUGGESTED DOSAGE? Suggested dosages are listed on each bottle. Typically, dosages are as
follows: Add 20-60 drops to hot tea or hot water one to four times per day or as directed by your health care practitioner.
Some extracts have very specific directions and are listed on the bottle accordingly.

HOW DO I TAKE THE EXTRACT? Shake well. Add drops to hot tea, coffee or juice one to four times per day or
as directed by your health care practitioner. You may also administer under the tongue to be absorbed directly into the
blood stream. It is best to take on an empty stomach. I even add it to my morning juice.

MY EXTRACT APPEARS CLOUDY. WHY? Extracts are made in the "old-fashioned" way. Some extracts may
appear to be cloudy or have suspended particles. This is normal. Herbs will also change slightly in color and taste from
season to season. The presence of particular matter in product is normal. Shake well before using.

HOW MANY DROPS ARE IN 2 OUNCES OF EXTRACT? In general, most extracts fall within the range of 1,400 to
1,700 drops per 2 oz bottle.  

HOW MANY DROPS ARE IN 1 ML? Extracts differ slightly in the number of drops per ml, however, they are generally
in the range of 25-30 drops.

ARE CMH EXTRACTS STANDARDIZED? Our herbal extracts are "Non-Standardized. They are created in an "old-fashioned"
and "traditional, time-honored way". This means they are created naturally ~
no harmful chemicals are used in the extraction
process as are used in most "Standardized" products

HOW MANY MILLIGRAMS PER DOSE ARE IN THE EXTRACT? In consideration that our herbal extracts are made in
the traditional way, it is difficult to give precise mg amounts. Typically, the mg is represented by 1 milliliter of extract (about
25-30 drops). Remember, quality is better than quantity. It is suggested that you begin with the lowest suggested dosage
and work your way up from there according to your body's reaction to the product.  
Solution Graphics
1 teaspoon = 5 ml
1/2 teaspoon = 2.5 ml
1/4 teaspoon = 1.25 ml
1/5 teaspoon = 1 ml
1/8 teaspooon = .616 ml
100 drops = 1 teaspoon
50 drops = 1/2 teaspoon
25 drops = 1/4 teaspoon
12 drops = 1/8 teaspoon
1 fl oz = approx. 30 ml
2 fl oz = approx. 59 ml
3 fl oz = approx. 89 ml
4 fl oz = approx. 118 ml
8 fl oz = approx. 237 ml
1 fl oz = 6 teaspoons
2 fl oz = 12 teaspoons
3 fl oz = 18 teaspoons
4 fl oz = 24 teaspoons
5 fl oz = 30 teaspoons
6 fl oz = 36 teaspoons
7 fl oz = 42 teaspoons
8 fl oz = 48 teaspoons
1 ml = 20 drops
2 ml = 40 drops
3 ml = 60 drops
Conversions from U.S. to
metric may be approximate.


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Single HerbTinctures/Extracts are made from a single herb or root.
Compound Tinctures/Extracts are made from a combination of herbs and/or roots for a specific purpose or ailment.
Glycerites are made from 100% pure, Kosher certified, food grade vegetable glycerin and pure Maine spring water.