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Mogwan Boggie says:  I was diagnosed with an 'old' case (of lyme) meaning I had been
infected for a while. It didn't surface until i was under tremendous mental/emotional stress
then I was bedridden for five months in 2015. I started Cowden but Nutramedix' supplements
are too expensive and I also needed to have them shipped to Australia. I have a background
in Chemistry and dad was an MD for 53 years so well versed in research papers, etc.
I found Mary Lavoie's products from Crescent Moon for 25% the price of Nutramedix and
available in 'life-size' 8 oz bottles. I have been on her 'tonics' for a year now and have spent
the last eight months doing hard physical labor and being able to string thoughts and
sentences together again! My regimen includes her Lyme formula, Japanese Knotwood,
Wormwood, St. John's Wort, Cat's Claw, Turmeric, Yarrow, Sarsaparilla, Teasel, Astragalus
and Kudzu. I mix up three day's worth using one 1.5 liter Ocean Spray lo-cal Cranberry
Mango (no Sugar) with one Ocean Spray LIGHT Cranberry. (Important to reduce sugar and
I'm using granulated Xylitol now)....I am 90% cured, able to work everyday, brain fog gone,
some co-infection (oral bio-film strands coming from my tooth sockets that no one has ever
seen before).  (July 16, 2016 -

Ralph says:  Hi Mary, Purchased from you previously, and it's always a dice toss to buy
these online, as the quality isn't always there. You are consistently reliable, both in quality
and shipping. Your prices are very reasonable for the larger quantities, which is what I
always try to find. I'm now using Ashwagandha, Eleuthero, Cats Claw and Valerian tinctures.
And I am no longer addicted to Methadone, and several other highly addictive drugs, as well
as anti-depressants. All I use are tinctures and vitamins. Will continue to shop your store as
one I know I can count on.  (June 27, 2016)

Kelly Snowberger says:  Indigo Moon Natural Health, LLC in Delphi, IN highly recommends
Crescent Moon Herbals, LLC....  I have ordered many products for personal use and am very
pleased with the high quality of the products and ease of the instructions included with
packaging.  I recommend CMH to all my clients!  (March 3, 2013)

Diana Philips says:  Last month I purchased Teasel from you for my Lyme chronic disease.
I got diagnosed in early June and previously was doing a Salt and vitamin C protocol. I also
tried MMS and colloidal silver. I chose not to do antibiotics. I can't say enough great things
about how much I improved from the teasel. Wow! I feel great, have tons of energy and am
symptom free. Thanks so much again, I have referred lots of other lymies to your site.
Thanks again, I still can't believe how incredible this stuff is. I feel like I want to buy a plant
and put it on an alter in my house. All the best.  (August 2012)

Trev S says:  Hello, I would like to say that your tincture is very powerful as I've taken the
recommended full dose (3 drops 3x day) for a week now and started having strong
Herxheimer reactions. Although I would usually just scale down the dose, I have a long trip
to take and have decided to stop taking the tincture for one week until I return and can
continue the protocol. Thank you for your time and for making such a powerful tincture! (July
31, 2012)

Iownabroom says: Lovely, Excellent (Jan 9, 2012)

Jana OG says: Loved it! (Jan 9, 2012)

Full Moon Tear says: Received Wolf Fur nicely packed in lovely bag. Thanks. (Jan 7, 2012)

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you. (Dec 20, 2011)

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aroma blew out. Thank you! (Nov 25, 2011)

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you for the quick delivery! (Oct 24, 2011)

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delivery and great packaging job! Will work great in the kitchen! (Oct 24, 2011)

Corky Crafts says: friendly convos, super fast delivery, arrived safely, thank you very much!
(Oct 15, 2011)

Karen says: A beautiful cloth - Thank You Mary and thank you for the little extra
(Sep 21, 2011)

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(Aug 29, 2011)

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Blessed Be, Samantha (Jan 23, 2010)

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Below you will find feedback Crescent Moon Herbals has received its customers that
have been gathered from various sites and emails.  I thought you would like to have
the opportunity to see them.  All feedback has been 100% positive and I am very
proud to share this information.  
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